I’m just an artist of many talents. I love making new friends and I would love if you contacted me. I have an Instagram @sio_random and my Discord is Sio#4862

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I’m taking Commissions!

Hello! I’m taking Comissions and these are my prices:

(I use Paypal by the way)

Traditional Headshots are $1 (per person)

Traditional Full Bodies are $3 (per person)

Adding Color is an additional $2

Please contact me and (if you privately ask me) please give some additional contact methods, such as an email address, discord, instagram, etc.

I dont do Snapchat

Thank You!!

Any kind of wholesome requests are accepted, however I often don’t draw NSFW stuff and would not like to be asked that. However you can request something like a Smii7y or some Krii7y.